InstaWeather Photo Series

I figured I’d have some fun with the InstaWeather app on Android. I set out to get a picture a day for a sequence of days (5 weeks: May 11 - June 14, 2013). This is...


Hourglass Series

This series was started 2008. It gathers scans of mixed media done across a decade. The art is scanned and further manipulated into a digital collage.


Visual Probe Series

These are pages from a sketchbook I started when I lived in Amsterdam in Winter/Spring of 2008 and continued to add to while traveling about Europe, or road-tripping across Canada. The basic idea was...


Africa Series

This digital series uses public domain photography (of awesome quality) featuring African wildlife. This series started in November 2011 with more to come.

02 Beautiful Stranger

Loon Lake Series

This is a digital series done September 2011. It uses panels from the golden age comic “Web of Mystery #2″ (1951) by Ace Books. Digital collage, texture work and layering are used to create...

Attack of the Octopod 01

League of Aquatic Heroes Webcomic

The League of Aquatic Heroes are a band of sea adventurers who are committed to keeping the oceans clear of hostilities. In a world where most heroes are busy protecting 1/3 of the Earth’s...